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Subject: The Survial Grenade – Another totalfreebie.com giveaway !

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Hi from totalfreebie.com Another great giveaway !

The Survial Grenade.

What is a “Survival Grenade”?

It’s a compact survival kit that includes 15 essential survival items tightly wrapped up in to small grenade shaped package that can be used as a key-ring, clips onto your belt or bag.

comes with :

Paracord (9ft)
Scalpel (2.25in)
Alcohol Prep Pad
Fishing Hooks (1 sml, 2 lrg)
Fishing Floats (2)
Fishing Weights (2)
Fishing Line Jigs (2)
Safety Pins (2)
Needle Wire Aluminum Foil (1 sq ft)
Ferro Rod Firestarter

Cost = $0 no joke 🙂
Claim your FREE Survival grenade now ! at https://www.totalfreebie.com/totally-free-survival-grenade/
totalfreebie.com, have given away over 16 thousand free things, in the ast 12 months

Thank you and be safe

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