WEBSLA.NET “New Year, New Marketing Strategy – The Digital Evolution”

From: Glory Omoye
Subject: New Year, New Marketing Strategy – The Digital Evolution

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Hello websla.net,

Sometime ago, I sent you a message about a Revolutional System that you can use to promote your business and boost your sales by a thousand times.

In case you forgot, it’s a system that you can use to send Bulk WhatsApp Messages to your Clients/Prospects. You can use the system to send both text, images, documents, audio and video in bulk on WhatsApp, get instant replies, establish a sale conversation and make sales without breaking your bank on paid adverts. This is the first of it’s kind. And another good thing is that you can use this software to send UNLIMITED message content to UNLIMITED WhatsApp Numbers without spending a dime.

The following are some more features of this software.

With this system, you can:
—send bulk WhatsApp messages without having to save the numbers in your phone
—mention each recipient’s name in your Bulk WhatsApp Campaigns, making him/her feel the message was directed to him/her alone (a very powerful marketing strategy)
—filter WhatsApp Numbers out of Non-WhatsApp Numbers
—extract the phone numbers of members of any WhatsApp Group you belong with just a click
—generate WhatsApp Phone numbers

—All these and many more…

Everyone uses WhatsApp and pays great attention to any message that comes in, yet, no one really uses WhatsApp for marketing currently. This makes it a FRESH MARKET for you.

If you will like to know more, let me know so I can send you a Demo Video.

For you to know I’m real, you can check me out on Facebook Here: https://facebook.com/gloryomoye1.

You can as well reach me on WhatsApp via this number: +2348030648080. If you will like to find out more about this software, check this page: https://whatsapp.gigomail.com. You can also find a Demo Video on that page.

Do have a nice day.

Glory Omoye,
Digital Marketer,

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