WEBSLA.NET “DA 96 Do-follow Backlink from Amazon – interested?”

From: Claudia Clement
Subject: DA 96 Do-follow Backlink from Amazon – interested?

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We’re wondering if you’d be interested in our service, where we can provide you with a ‘do follow’ link from Amazon (DA 96) back to websla.net?

The price is just $57 per link, via Paypal.

To explain backlinks and the benefit they have for your website, you can read more here: https://textuploader.com/16jn8
What is DA? – If you aren’t sure, please read here: https://textuploader.com/16bnu

If you’re interested, just reply and we can discuss further. We can provide an existing sample, so you can see for yourself.

Kind Regards,

PS. This doesn’t involve selling anything so you don’t need to have a product. The page is created for you, along with 500-700 words of handwritten content.

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