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Hello ,

I’m sure you already know how important it is to have a list…

And there are a bunch of autoresponders already on the market to choose from…

BUT they have all gotten complacent and are going the way of the dinosaurs! Why?

It’s because you need to meet your customers where THEY are by using the 3 Most Powerful Platforms on the planet!

1. Email
2. Facebook Messenger (using chatbots)
3. Web Push Notifications

When you combine these 3 powerful communication services into your list building your ROI goes through the Roof!

Check Out the Demo Video Here: https://digitalmarketinghacks.net/smartengage

Because the bottom line is…the more eyes you have seeing your messages, the more money you make!

And today, a BREAKTHROUGH autoresponder has been released to the masses which allows you to do EXACTLY that.

This new platform seamlessly combines Email with Facebook Messenger, & Web Push notifications in a completely integrated and centralized dashboard so that you can take your online profits to the next level .

Introducing SmartEngage!

Cross-Channel Marketing Automation
Import Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns
Unlimited Facebook Messenger Marketing via Chatbots
Unlimited Web Push Notifications
Cross-Channel Conversion Tracking
Facebook Integrations for Mobile Lead Ads
Facebook Comment Autoreply Bots
Never Before Seen Cross-Channel Hybrid Opt-In Forms
….and much more!

You can now harness the power of the 3 most powerful marketing channels in existence in a way that is seamless, interconnected, and universally tracked under one dashboard!
Email, Facebook Messenger, and Web Push Notifications

1. Email is still KING when it comes to long term communication and relationship building.
2. Facebook Messenger gets the highest open rates to date which produces amazing segmentation.
3. Web Push Notifications allow you to reach your subscribers no matter what website they are viewing with amazing click rates.

Check out the demo video here: https://digitalmarketinghacks.net/smartengage

SmartEngage is the first and only platform which allows for seamless integration across these 3 powerful and profitable marketing channels under one roof .

The best part is that SmartEngage is currently running a 14 Day Free Trial so you can give it a Zero Risk Test Drive.

Check it out here Claim Your 14-Day Free Trial: https://digitalmarketinghacks.net/smartengage

You won’t be disappointed!

See you on the inside!

P.S. There has never been anything like this on the market and now you get to be among the first to build the most powerful subscriber list possible.

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